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Hip Hop’s Value Proposition

Featuring Culture Shock

Under new leadership, Culture Shock came to SVP ready to diversify its revenue sources beyond its fee-for-service model and grow private and foundation giving. The nonprofit was placed with a team of Partners each personally moved to action by the organization’s mission to break down barriers and build bridges by leveraging the unifying power of dance, specifically hip-hop. 


Culture Shock has provided dance training and performances to San Diegans of all ages and backgrounds for the past three decades. The team, consisting of Lead Partner Tom Boyd and Partners Philip Lurie and Scott Tritt, shared the nonprofit’s enthusiasm to communicate its unique value proposition to potential stakeholders. The synergy between the team and Culture Shock’s leadership was apparent.

“The guys we worked with were great. They themselves had a great relationship so in turn it felt like they were always on the same page with their suggestions and direction.” -Danielle Prince, Executive Director  

Over highly generative bi-weekly working meetings, the team analyzed Culture Shock’s existing data measures to identify missing information and thus support the design of a large annual survey. The survey, with over 250 participants, yielded a treasure trove of qualitative and quantitative feedback, including testimonials. The SVP used these impact measures to support Culture Shock in creating a “Pitch Page”. This one-page guide shows how the nonprofit lives its mission as a vibrant and interconnected community that celebrates the joy of dance.

“The SVP team set us up with tools that we’ll be able to use for years to come. They worked with us to create a value proposition to engage donors and community funders. Their feedback was insightful, their questions were enlightening and their engagement with us was supportive and encouraging.” -Danielle Prince, Executive Director  

Thanks to a committed team willing to lend their experience and perspective, Culture Shock San Diego can share its value proposition: a place of belonging, where 70% of diverse participants say the sense of the community is unique to the dance studio. This new year, Prince is now ready to collaborate with potential supporters to increase outreach within the Promise Zone, improve studio space, and expand scholarship opportunities to dancers. We are confident many will join in to ensure Culture Shock’s important mission.  

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