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Logan Heights CDC: Ensuring the Future of a Community

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Featuring Logan Heights Community Development Corporation

As soon as you step off the Imperial Avenue sidewalk and walk through the doors of Logan Heights Community Development Corporation, you are met with a sense of community. This place is home for young neighborhood parents dropping off their toddlers at preschool, for teenagers seeking belonging and purpose in its afterschool program, and for the grandfather providing for his family with his small frutería business. The nonprofit is a touchstone for families and individuals in the greater Logan Heights area. They know their community and what it takes to strengthen residents and businesses through engagement, education, economic growth, and housing development.

For the past year, a team of SVP Partners has come alongside Logan Heights CDC to deepen their work and ensure it continues far into the future. Their combined efforts have increased the organization’s effectiveness, allowing them to go from serving 500 clients to 900 clients across all programs, representing an 80% increase over the past twelve months. Lead Partner Susan Schindelar is joined by Partners Ryan Bordelon, Marcia Bennett, Marjorie Fox, and Advisory Member Marty Goodman. Alongside Logan Heights CDC’s leadership, CEO Monte Jones, and COO Ebony James, SVP has brought their collective expertise to help strengthen the organization.

Since July 2022, the team has completed a five-year strategic planning process, including the development of organizational and program level key performance indicators (KPIs). They facilitated a leadership assessment and training for the nonprofit’s mid-level managers. SVP Partners also advised the organization through a transition in financial management and supported them in identifying responsible investment options.

“[SVP] has exemplified unwavering commitment and visionary leadership in their support of Logan Heights CDC… their partnership stands as a testament to the transformative power of collaboration and underscores their dedication to empowering underserved neighborhoods.” - Ebony James, Logan Heights CDC COO

The partnership is set to extend into the coming year. The team will continue to guide implementation of the newly adopted strategic plan - helping to align the organization’s budget to its strategic goals, developing annual plans with each of the organization’s departments, and measuring and refining KPIs. SVP Partners will advance leadership development by facilitating additional training sessions along with one-on-one coaching sessions.

While Logan Heights CDC empowers its community through education, financial literacy, and community engagement, the nonprofit is now investing in itself by honing its vision and strategy and developing its leadership. SVP is proud to support their capacity building as an investment in the future of the community.

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