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Sharing the Story of Yoga for All

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Featuring Yoga For All

Those familiar with the nonprofit sector know a solid mission, high potential programs, and undeniable community impact when they see it. This is exactly how a team of SVP Partners including Lisa Goodman (Lead), Veronica Ford (Lead), Scott Schechter and Scott Tritt felt when they signed up to work on a second engagement with OG Yoga.

Following a financial analysis and several brainstorming sessions to grow OG Yoga’s revenue streams, SVP Partners got to work in helping the nonprofit, working to transform the lives of vulnerable community members through yoga, share its story. Opportunities abound to continue community outreach and increased support from stakeholders. Community partnerships help connect marginalized individuals with yoga instruction and their Altruistic Studio provides affordable classes and low membership rates along with a teacher training program that serves as a pathway to employment. This is something everyone needs to know about!

The SVP Team facilitated a structured process through a series of workshops to guide OG Yoga staff and advisory council members in honing their purpose statement, developing a storyline for their programs and resulting impact along with a coordinated ask specifying different types of support from potential donors. The result? A visually appealing one-page tool for engagement to use with the organization’s supporters.

"The level of thought-provoking discussion made its way to the heart of the challenge: how to increase stakeholders with a graphic illustration of the complete OG Yoga model." - Founder and Project Director JoAnn Jaffe

Sometimes what you need is someone who knows the power of your story to help you tell it. We cannot wait for what is to come for OG Yoga as more funders learn about Yoga for All and the positive social change it creates.

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