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SVP Supports Pro Kids, First Tee Strategic Alignment Under New Executive Leadership

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Featuring Pro Kids, First Tee

Pro Kids, First Tee-San Diego rung in 2021 under new leadership with the installment of Executive Director Julie Dubick. Dubick, an experienced lawyer, policymaker, and consultant management partner, is no stranger to the many challenges faced by underserved youth in San Diego. Dubick dove into her new position with Pro-Kids, where “golf is the hook; education is the payoff.” Soon after she started with the organization, a small, highly effective team of SVP Partners worked closely with the new executive director to facilitate a Strategic Alignment Assessment.

Lead Partner Pat Kaufman, alongside Partners Nancy Batterman, Ilana Ostrosky Frid and Steve Ness guided an innovative Strategic Alignment Assessment process among key staff members. Batterman and Ostrosky Frid facilitated strategic alignment sessions among staff using a unique framework incorporating interactive and visual tools to spur discussion. To wrap up the engagement, Ness assisted Dubick in presenting key-takeaways from the Strategic Alignment Assessment to Pro Kids’ board members, eliciting comments and suggestions to strategic priorities that would guide the organization forward under its new leadership.

The process of the Spark Team engagement was positive for all involved with some surprises and lessons gained along the way. Pro Kids staff and its board reached alignment on its golf programs and its academic programs. “Both groups felt heard, and the board gained a new respect for staff in the process,” commented Lead Partner Kaufman.

The SVP team thoroughly enjoyed supporting Dubick in her new role. When asked what the most impactful takeaway from the Spark Team experience was for her, Dubick shared, “the assistance [of SVP Partners] in setting important guidelines for strategic development. They were great in expertise and accommodation and use of time, it was an excellent experience.” Looks like it’s a hole-in-one for this Spark Team!

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