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SVP Supports The League of Amazing Programmers’ Recovery Efforts

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Featuring The League of Amazing Programmers

Like many youth-serving organizations, The League of Amazing Programmers faced a crisis during the COVID-19 Pandemic. How could they continue to offer computer programming classes to 5th – 12th graders preparing them for jobs in the tech industry? While the nonprofit made the pivot to virtual learning in 2020, it has been challenging to transition back to in-person classes and return to its pre-pandemic numbers. To help support these recovery efforts, The League applied for pro bono consulting support from SVP.

A team of Partners, including Lead Alan Sorkin, Marty Goodman and Nathan Hershkowitz came alongside Executive Director Sarah Tuakli Cooper and Board Chair Eric Busboom to get to know the nonprofit and identify what it might take for the League to return to its pre-pandemic operations and grow to offer its programs to an even greater number of underserved students. Together, they determined that The League of Amazing Programmers could indeed survive and thrive with discerning management and creative solutions. Over the course of the six-month engagement, The League of Amazing Programmers’ leadership was encouraged to make tough decisions that would enable long-term viability for the organization, including reducing operational costs and obtaining pro bono marketing support to increase visibility and grow their student population. The nonprofit also plans to partner with a well-known after school program serving 47 schools throughout San Diego County to expand their impact and grow revenue streams.

The League of Amazing Programmers now finds itself on the other side. Prior to their engagement with SVP, the nonprofit was running a deficit budget and now is comfortably in the black.

“The clarity and speed with which the team evaluated our situation and helped us to course correct is probably the reason we are not only still in business but continuing to make progress.” - Executive Director Sarah Tuakli Cooper

While the path to recovery may not have been easy, we are so proud to see the organization where it is today. There will continue to be a pathway to purposeful, high-paying careers in the technology industry for young people in San Diego, no matter their background.

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