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Voices of Our City Choir: Here Comes the Sun

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Featuring Voices of Our City Choir

Voices of Our City Choir’s (Voices) Co- Founder/ CEO/ Creative Director Steph Johnson just returned from a vacation! This is big news. Not just because of where she went, but the fact that she was able to take the time off in the first place. This is the sign of a healthy organization with the staff capacity and systems in place to ensure smooth sailing when leadership take time away from the office. It’s been a year of unprecedented growth for the nonprofit. SVP is thrilled to have been a part of it!

For the past year, a team of Partners, including Lead Jaci Sander, Joyce Ross, Scott Tritt, and Tom Watlington has worked closely with Voices of Our City Choir’s leadership team to build the capacity of their organization as they expand their impact among San Diegans experiencing homelessness, amplifying their voices through music and the arts. Along with Lindsey Seegers, Deputy Executive Director and Dennis Crosby, Director of Operations and Programs, Johnson collaborated with the SVP team to hone the future direction and ensure the future sustainability of their work.

Voices of Our City Choir’s unique approach to homelessness honors individual dignity and effects real change in members’ lives. The nonprofit is now being recognized as a model service provider working to solve one of the region’s most pervasive social issues. Voices is at an inflection point, poised for growth and deepened impact. SVP’s customized pro bono consulting has allowed the nonprofit to think big and act bigger.

The team supported the nonprofit in revising their mission and vision and defining their organizational values. SVP Partners worked alongside Voice’s staff and board to develop a three-year strategic plan that outlines growth, clarifies their program model, and demonstrates measurable impact in the community.

“We were in a moment of figuring out who we were. I can’t imagine any of this without your support.” - Lindsey Seegers, Deputy Executive Director

Additionally, the team created a diversified fundraising plan and model for the nonprofit to accurately forecast revenue. SVP continues to support Voices in honing efficiencies and strengthening internal operations.

The nonprofit has embraced what some have called a fortuitous moment - an increase in recognition from both City and statewide funders, along with crucial capacity building support.

“SVP created a perspective of possibility and opportunity. “I see growth and maturity in Voices of Our City Choir in line with the guidance you have given.” - Karen Henken, Voices of Our City Choir Board Member

They are ready for so much more! Here comes the sun. Sun, sun, sun, here it comes.

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