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Expanding Restorative Justice Practices with Grant Readiness

Featuring T.H.E C.I.R.C.L.E. by Epiphany 

T.H.E C.I.R.C.L.E. by Epiphany came to Social Venture Partners as a pioneer of restorative practices in San Diego with a dream of reaching even more community members in their Southeast neighborhood - one of the county’s most overlooked and disenfranchised. With a freshly painted space in a centrally located storefront, a dynamic leader from the community, and high demand for services, they were positioned for growth. The question was how. 

At the suggestion of another nonprofit in the community that had recently completed an engagement with SVP, Epiphany applied for our support. Inspired by the organization’s dynamic leadership, Partners Ivy Gordon (Lead), Andy Pendoley and Joyce Ross enthusiastically joined the team. They developed a project oriented around “grant readiness” with a goal of positioning the nonprofit optimally to attract grant funding.  


This multifaceted project included a series of coaching sessions on Board Governance, Finance & Budget Planning, and Strategic Planning, setting a vision for its leadership, increasing the efficiency of the organization’s accounting operations, and defining program priorities. The team also helped the nonprofit to identify opportunities for growth, such as a new contract with San Diego Unified School District that has since increased its annual revenue by $150K.  

 “Your support and encouragement has helped catapult us to a level of service we dreamed about.” - Rashida Hameed, T.H.E C.I.R.C.L.E. by Epiphany Founder and CEO.

Its Community Empowerment Center is expanding as a hub for restorative practices, basic necessities, and hope for those affected by the justice system. Epiphany continues to make a significant impact through its lifechanging work and pioneering approach to conflict resolution. Now, the organization is positioned to grow its impact with a well-defined strategy and increased opportunities for sustainable funding. The most important outcome, however, was intangible.

“The most impactful part of working with SVP was the way our team made me/us feel. For the first time we felt supported, encouraged and as though our team had become expanded,” said Hameed. 

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