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From the Orchard to the Boardroom and into the Future

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Featuring ProduceGood

ProduceGood co-founders Nita Kurmins Gilson and Alex White knew what they needed when they applied for SVP’s support. Their thriving organization successfully diverts thousands of pounds of produce to individuals experiencing food insecurity through a robust volunteer program. Last fall, the moment was ripe for these dynamic leaders to strengthen the foundation of their board and set goals to achieve their future vision.

SVP Partners Joyce Ross, Marjorie Fox, Andy Pendoley and Robin Pruitt jumped at the opportunity to work with these dynamic leaders at the forefront of building a sustainable food system in San Diego County. Throughout the engagement, SVP Partners were impressed not only with White’s and Kurmins Gilson’s tenacity to “get to work,” they were also thrilled to see incoming board chair Claire Taulbee’s enthusiasm for identifying and implementing best practices.

Following a Board Leadership assessment, SVP supported the nonprofit in improving governance practices leading to increased engagement among board members. Concurrently, the team prepared for ProduceGood’s all-day staff and board retreat. Here, Pendoley facilitated 10-year and three-year visioning exercises. This activity generated additional goals to support the organization’s core pillars in an already solid strategic plan. ProduceGood’s board members walked away with an even greater understanding of what the nonprofit does, how it does it, and strategies for future growth. “We are already seeing greater Board autonomy, which is critical to the organization’s sustainability,” shared White.

“The ProduceGood team accurately perceived their needs, enthusiastically received SVP’s input, and were pleased and excited with the resulting roadmap for moving forward. The result was a productive and feel-good experience for all!” -Robin Pruitt, Partner.

All in a day’s work for SVP Partners. Where else can you engage at a strategic level with some of the most dynamic leaders in San Diego’s nonprofit sector to take their organizations from good to great?

Have you too, been blown away by the “SVP magic”? Spread the word: business expertise plays off the passion and tenacity of nonprofit leaders for greater social impact in our community.

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