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SVP Supports Smooth Transition of Hannah’s Family Center Following 35 Years of Community Support

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Featuring Hannah's Family Center

Nearly every week for the past three years, Susan Griffin of Hannah’s Family Center has had a call with SVP Lead Partner Mark Page. “The benefit from these weekly meetings for me as a nonprofit leader was incalculable,” shared Susan.

When the executive director first applied as an Investee with SVP, she knew it was make or break for the organization. COVID-19 made the capacity-building support even more important for the nonprofit providing critical services to families affected by separation and trauma. Along with Mark, a large team of SVP Partners including Yona Capobianco, Ned DeWitt, Don Duford, Jaci Feinstein, Veronica Ford, Patsy Hartman, Josh Maher, Laureen Ong, Joyce Ross Susan Schindelar, and Renee Zau committed themselves to strengthening the operations of Hannah’s Family Center.

“It was clear from the very beginning that they were invested, and what we were willing to commit would be met every step of the way by SVP,” said Susan.

The open, honest, transparent relationship between the organization’s leadership and SVP led to several impactful projects throughout the three-year engagement including the development and implementation of program evaluation metrics, a strengthened governing board, a re-branding and marketing campaign, and new director level staff hires to name a few. This support allowed Hannah’s Family Center to strengthen its operations and provide quality services to families throughout the pandemic. At a time when unexpected loss and trauma were at unprecedented levels, the nonprofit was, quite literally, the last house on the block for many.

When Hannah’s Family Center ultimately decided to close its doors this past spring, SVP stood alongside Founder and Executive Director Susan Griffin as she shared the news with staff, clients, volunteers, and donors, and tied up loose ends.

"HFC's closing remains quite sad for me, as I'm sure it does for their many clients. However, the experience of supporting Susan to navigate organizational challenges during historical ambiguity and stress was a personal experience I will never forget. I learned an enormous amount about nonprofits, the limitations of their business model, and the exceptional talent, creativity, and resilience of their leaders. I have grown as a result," shared Lead Partner Mark.

In a smooth transition, all clients received warm referrals to other programs and staff were paid in full through closing day. It was time to move on, but not without leaving a legacy - one of hope for the 27,000 lives touched by the nonprofit’s programs and for a new generation of therapists trained and ready to support families affected by the court system. The San Diego community is stronger for it!

Are you ready to give back to up-and-coming San Diego nonprofits by sharing your expertise in the sector? Visit our webpage to learn more about becoming a Partner with SVP.

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